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Meta Tags

Meta tags are still an important element in search engine marketing. Some might lead you to believe that meta tags no longer play a role in marketing, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Not only do some of the smaller to medium-sized search engines use meta tags, but others who don't still calculate the words appearing within the meta tags, which counts towards thinks like the keyword density of certain words on your page. It's important that all of your Web pages are properly meta tagged. To help you out, Webmaster Techniques Magazine has the two following free tools for you to use:

Meta Tag Generator
This program helps you generate good meta tags for your Website. For help on understanding what the different meta tags mean, that are generated by the Meta Tag Generator, click here, or click any of the questionmarks within the program.

Meta Tag Analyzer
This program is invaluable to your search engine optimization efforts. Simply enter the URL of one of your Website pages that has meta tags and our program will do an analysis of what is right and wrong with the way your meta tags are done. Instantly get valuable advice to make your meta tags more effective!

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