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Google Now Allows Separate Content Bidding for AdWord

(November 22, 2005) This month Google launched separate content bidding for Google AdWords. This new option allows advertisers to place one big for ads that run on content sites and a different bid for ads that run on search sites within the Google Network. Before this enhancement, advertisers would place a single keyword bid that was applied to their ads on both search and content pages.

In addition to the separate content bidding, the minimum bid for content is now a static $.01. Google developed content bidding because advertisers had requested additional pricing and placement control of ads that run on content sites in the Google advertising network.

Now advertisers can place a bid for their content campaigns and smart pricing will reduce the amount the advertiser pays if the cost is too high relative to the value it brings the advertiser. Content bidding allows advertisers to effectively manage the return on investment for their content advertising campaigns. Content bidding does not affect the way AdWords ranks ads or how it selects ads that run on content pages, it will continue to rank ads by Quality Score and maximum cost-per-click standards.

The new content bidding options has been integrated into the existing AdWords campaign management interface and is available to all advertisers internationally. This new feature will in no way affect the site targeting feature, which is the tool that allows advertisers to target specific content sites in the Google network with text and/or image ads.